Our corporate memory

Pur-Teknik is located in a closed 2200 m2 factory in Duzce is the city a very advantageous point for logistics, to turn over 25 years of experience on automotive, manufacturing, product design and molds to customers in the automotive industry.
Our main goal is to provide the best service to our customers in the production of polyurethane parts with our advanced machinery investments. Until now, we have produced parts for automative industry such as Steering wheels, cockpits, protective covers, handles, steering locks, seats, ceiling - side wall panels, intermediate walls, steering covers, protective bars, headliners, arms, driver handles etc. We are expanding our product variety day by day to meet needs of you customers.

Our mission, is to be an organization that produces automotive interior fittings in the frame of total quality management, has high quality, holds customer expectations as priority, has a collective and environmentally sensitive international reputation. Our suppliers and business partners are all working together for these purposes.

Our Vision, is to be a company preferred by national and international automotive industry companies to adopt as a principle of excellence and success in all our work that we carry out together with all our employees, suppliers and business partners.

Our quality policy

Pur-Teknik, which is a competitive producer supplier in the design and production of polyurethane parts with :

Latest technology

Using the most up-to-date technology, with continuous improvement, development and training


by a team of experts who know how to transform quality into life

Customer happiness

continues to provide services with the focus of you customer happiness

Our products

We worked together and we succeeded. Some of our products that we have produced and continue to produce, with the right communication, planning and love with you until now, are as follow :


Our references that companies that have worked with us and are still working.

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Pur-Teknik is managed by modern human resource management systems. Meet with Pur-Teknik and get a chance work at here as employee or intern. You would use the contact form in contact page is shown on menu.

To our employees; Pur-Teknik is a company

  • creating environment is our basic human resources policy
  • with team work
  • personal and professional development supported by trainings
  • innovational
  • inspirational






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